Jakari II has his ticket to the Dutch Championship

After the injury time that Linda has had because of her broken ankle, she and Jakari II are already quite successful. It began, of course, in Poland, where beautiful results were obtained. After that there were the selection competitions for the Dutch Championships. In the first show in Harich, they became second. After that they went to Emmeloord and despite that it is not a imposing arena, Jakari had some tension, so they had a few mistakes and had to accept an eighth place. The last show in Raalte they won, so the place for the NK is sure. Twenty participants will participate in the national championships which will be held at the KNHS centre in Ermelo on 2 and 3 March. After that Linda and Jakari will progress to the intermediaire II and Big Tour.

First International Show in Poland went wonderfull

In the week of 23 oktober we went to the World Cup Show in Polen. The long trip went well and when we came at the show grounds we were lovely welcomed. The place was very nice and the boxes really big. Jakari II had to kick off on thursday in the Prix st. Georges. With some miner errors we got third place with a score over 69%

The second day Tosca ride her Grand Prix for the World Cup. She rore a great test and with almost 70% she also got a third place. My inter I did not go well. After riding the price giving ceremoni the day before, Jakari was tensed, I even made a mistake in the test so we were just 7th place with olmost 67%.

Tosca had to ride her freestyle on sunday befor me and she did a wonderfull job. With over than 75% she got 4th place! After her beautifull ride \i was inspired to give my all. That went very well, we wonn the test with almost 73%!

Thank to all the good help from all our people aroud us we could have ride this show so well.

Nasty accident for Linda

At may 16th Linda fell off one of her young horses. While she was lying on the ground, the horse jumpt on her. She broke her ankle on several places. After surgery and actually a good recovery she got an infection. After another two and a half weeks in the hospital with two operations and many antibiotics she went home to recover. At this moment she is working again with her horses and pupills, but only for a few hours a day.

Good show for Effect and Jakari II

In the weekend of May 13 we went with three horses to North Sleen. It was a nicely organised show. Related to the predicted storm we were allowed to adjust our times. Jakari took the lead and he did with a great test. We were rewarded with just over 70% and we got first place. Then it was  Effect's turn. She was still something on the fresh side in the test, but got just over 60% still a second place. Unfortunately Adventure did a lesser test. The score got stuck at almost 59%. Still, it was a pretty successful day and we did'nt have a speck of rain.

Incredible did an incredible job

Saturday 5 may we went with two of our own breed young horses for the Subli Cup selection in Exloo. It was a nice organized competition, the floors were good and there was a lot decoration done. Our four-year-old James Bond LVD (v.Jazz x v.m Negro) was the first to kick off. Because James is normally pretty brave, it surprised me that in Exloo he was so tense to the environment. I could not ride along the flaggs so I decided to decline the grades and just try to get some trust back from James. We will take this handsome guy more often from home to gain more experience. As second horse I rode our chestnut gelding Incredible in the 5 year old Subli arena. Incredible is a young Charmeur x Negro. He was only the second time from home, and despite the fact that he also was a bit tense, he behaved impeccably. In the exercises that at the five year old have to perform, Incredible is still youthful so that score cold be more in the future. For his gait, he got excellent scores including an 8 for his walk a 9 for his trot and no less than a 9,2 for his canter. Of course, we are super happy to have such fine young talents in the stable. 

Very well second international for Rocky LVD

In the first days of March Linda traveled with Rocky LVD  to the Belgian town of Lier to appear in the arena for Prix st George international test and Inter I freestyle. The preparation went great and in the week before, and the training with Edward was also very successful. The day before the official test they ride on the show ground and Rocky LVD went very well. On Thursday the prix st. Georges test started. Linda felt it went well, though they had a bit tension in the pirouettes. Unfortunately Rocky LVD had left a leg in the walking pirouettes and lost points in four parts of the test. Nevertheless, the combination achieved 68% and were selected to ride the Freestyle the next day.Rocky LVD felt top again on friday and the freestyle went well. With a score of 70.68% they achieved a sixth place. Linda and Rocky LVD were very happy with this great result in their second international competition. The coming internationals are planned in Hagen (Germany) and Ostend (Belgium)

Video Schatzmann

At this moment Schatsmann is competing in the Grand Prix. We are still very new in this class but it already looks promising.

Look at the video and see for yourself.


Nice Show by Chantal and Linda

On Sunday 20 september, Chantal Abbass-Wali and Linda rode a nice clinic with their stallions. Chantal rides at a high level Western and she lives in Haaksbergen. They had only one day to put the Freestyle together but they had a good time doing so. The beautifully fitting music was put together by Janna Rosie. So they started the Freestyle on Sunday with beautiful and sunny weather. Midway through the Freestyle the lady's surprised the public by exchange of horse. This resulted in hilarious moments. at the end of the Freestyle the lady's took over their own horses and they told about their own branch of sport and what were the differences and similarities. The show was received with thunderous applause.

Rocky 2th place in his debuut Prix st Georges

This sathurday the 28 of march we went to Genemuiden. They orginised a big "suptop" show. Rocky LVD is very cool at shows and this time he was doing great again. We had a little mistake in  the first pirouette and in the tempy's but overaal it was a nice test. Our score was 66.45 and we were second place.  

Schatzmann had a good debuut in the Inter II

In februari we went to Ankum with Schatzmann for his first Inter II test. It is a big show organised by the hosrse family Kasselmann. More than 30 starters came oute in this test. Schatzmann was a bit nervous in the warm up, but in the arena he gave his best. We had a few little mistakes but overall it was a good test. We came out with a score off over 65% and just out of the prices.

Rocky seems a born winner

Monday was the start of the big show event in Almelo. Each year from all over the country riders come to compete for a whole week. The combinations can ride both jumping as dressage. Rocky LVD did two tests in the level Z2. He was nice to ride and this resulted in 228 and 233 points for a clear victory. On Thursday Rocky will appear in the arena again.

Outdoor Gelderland was a big succes for Linda and Rocky LVD

Saturday 7 June was the big day, Linda along with her Stallion Rocky LVD were going to ride a freestyle on the beautiful grounds of Papendal in the city of Arnhem. It was very hot and Linda decided not to warm up Rocky too much. That was the good thing to do, without any mistakes they put together a beautiful freestyle on the lovely music made by Anne Boogman. The score was the winning score 73.583%, up more than 5% from the number two.The price Linda with her horse Rocky LVD won was nothing less than a saddle of Equipe. This is an Italian saddle brand which is already famous in jumping and for dressage Charlotte Dujardin is riding one of them. Pia Alaviitala reached the sattle out followed by a beautiful lap of honor in which Rocky LVD showed itself at its best. See here the link.

Boeve's K3 Noir sold.

One of Linda's best horses left the stables and will provide with his new owner a rewarding career in the junior categories .

The former Trakehner stallion approved Boeve's K3 Noir was male in the class Prix St. Georges and Inter I. He was owned by Stal Veldhoek ( Boeve outfitting business ) and joined Linda at the end of his 5th year. He was a very playful young stallion. The first game was an instant success. With a fat score of above 80%, he won a first place during a five year old dressage horses heading. On his sixth year Linda has launched him into the Z1. After a great season Z1 they have made ​​the transition to the Z2. His first race he won immediately. After two games he had ridden in the Z2 they "ZZ-licht". Also this went so well that they have had very quickly the points for "ZZ-Zwaar". The first game in the "ZZ-Zwaar" went very quickly and they were in this class at the Dutch Championships. Because K3 Noir had quite some trouble with his hormones he was distracted during the test, so they returned home without placement. Then they ride Prix St. Georges and also this class, K3 noir was a very striking horse.

The black stallion temperamental surprised every time. He has very high placements in the Prix St. Georges and Inter both wrote nationally and internationally to his name. Because off the reason that he probably would go to another owner once it has been decided to castrate him. This worked out well. He has his pride and flair retained but is now far less distracted .


Latest achievements


Hickstead 10th in the Kur by 68.5 % !

Subtop Veendam 1st

Subtop Almelo 1 by as much as 70 %

5th International Roossendaal by almost 69 %

Mondial Foods Gorssel 2nd

ICNN Drachten Kur 69%

And as a nice ending , of course, the final of the Mondial Foods Cup which they won with 73.19 %


Of course we wish the new owner of K3 Noir luck! !

Boeve's K3 Noir more than 73% in Bathmen

Thursday evening February 27 there were the finals of the Mondial Foods Subtop Cup Dressage in classes ZZ- , small tour ( Prix St. George ) and the Big Tour ( Grand Prix ) during Bathmen on Horse . The participants were four highest ranking by class of three previous selection competitions.

With a score of 73.19 % I won with Boeve's K3 Noir (v K2 ) the Mondial Foods Cup final. It was great to be allowed to ride this show. It was nicely organized and a great turnout of supporters! I wished there were more such competitions in our area.

We were very pleased with the good score and super nice comments from both judges and Coby van Baalen .
Boeve's K3 did a nice freestyle . The music was from the Simple Minds and created by Anne Boogman.

Anne and I always work with the various freestyles that I ride with differend horses.
Also there were two of my pupils particapating during this Cup. Ashly Langevoort was one of the lucky ones to get a clinic by top instructor Coby van Baalen.

Tessa Bresser did also compeet in the small Tour freestyle with her Usher and had a very nice score around 66%.
Coby van Baalen commented after every freestyle, and during the brake they held 2 nice clinics for the best combinations of Z1 and Z2 of the mondial foods Cup selections .

Coby : "It was a nice evening , made ​​possible by many volunteers and sponsors. The arena was festively decorated and there was a very nice atmosphere . " Winner Linda Verwaal with her horse Boeve's K3 Noir together were a stylish combination, and her freestyle had some nice lines with a high degree of difficulty.

Nicky Broxterman rode her horse Watoeshi (v Rousseau ) to a score of 72.44 % good for second place . On the third place with a score of 70.82 % was Wiep Kwakernaak with Custom Saddles Winona ( v 00 Seven) . 

Show Haaksbergen was wonderfull

Last weekend, 20 september 2013 we went to Haaksbergen. Along with my new grooms Lisa and Carmen we saddled Rocky for his last competition in the Z1 level. We won with top scores. 249 and 235 points. The next day I started Rocky again. He won again with the beautiful scores of 245 and 229 points. Then it was Effect's turn. I rode her in the 4 year horse competition.She was awesome in her class and got 3th place with 77,5,% points. On the last day Rocky and I were qualified to ride final. This was for the 4 best of class ZZ light Z2 and Z1. There were good combinations in this freestyle final. Rocky had unfortunately 2 errors in his Freestyle but otherwise he did a great freestyle. He even got a 9 for his extendet trot by one of the judges! We got 3rd place with a nice score of slightly above the 72% and in addition we won the audience award. We got a beautifull blanket of Ton Koenderink. It was a very successful competition with luckely beautifull weather.

Video Rocky;


Dutch Championship for Rocky LVD

The weather was beautiful last weekend 6 and 7 september on the Dutch Championships in Ermelo. Rocky had to start in the Z1 level. In the preselection on Friday we had to start in 4th place. Rocky did a great test. The scores were a bit disappointing especially at one judge but we did qualify for the final as 5th for Saturday. During the final Rocky did a good test but we missed the expression from friday. The scores were nice and the comments were very nice. We achieved a 9th place. I was very satisfied with this achievement.

A very succesvol show in Almelo with my three black men.

Last Saturday 31 August there was a nice competition organized in Almelo. There was the ability to ride from the class Z1 to the Grand Prix. A real dressage festival. We had good weather and because the courses are beautiful and on sand everything was excellent.

As first on start was my young stallion Rocky LVD, he started in the Z1 class. We won both tests with 228 and 238 points. This was a nice preparation for the upcoming NK.

Then it was Boeve's K3 Noir's turn. K3 is feeling really well and that we can notice on the scores. Despite that I still have some tension in the beginning, the test went flawlessly and we came up with just over 70% on a first place.

Finally I came to start with my big boy Schatzmann. We startet in the Prix st Georges. The trot part went very fine. I have been noticing some tension in the walk but I was very pleased with the Canter, in which he was waiting more now and I could prepare the beautiful pirouettes. We had over 64% and got seceond place.

Well a very successful competition.

Rocky District Champion

The Overijsselse or also called Region Championships were held this year in Lonneker. The Organization had done its best to make a beautiful out of it. but because the jumping and the dressage were far apart it was a somewhat quiet show.

On Friday we rode our first test. In total there were two rings Z1 level. In each ring around 18 competitors which five Z1 participants were allowed through to the finals the next day. We won this test.

Ten finalists were allowed to start the next day. There was a lot of score difference because one of the judges scored quite low and the other judge quit high. Eventually we were allowed to put large ribbon around Rocky's neck and we were honoured as Champion.

Boeve's K3 Noir did well again

Sunday 11 August, a show was held in Veendam. I sattled for this show Boeve's K3 Noir. It was a small-scale and relaxed contest, I had enough possibility to concentrate. Boeve's K3 went a fine test. The floor was very heavy in some places which I could notice. We won the first place with almost 67%.


Last Monday 29 July we drove to Enland to take part in an international competition in Hickstead. The horses went well during the training, though I could feel a little tiredness of Schatzman. He had already did some great competitions before. On Thursday I had to start early with Boeve's K3 noir. He did a fine test with a few minor imperfections. He scored just over 66%. Then it was Shatzmann's turn. After the first part of the test we had more than 72%, unfortunately he got some thick errors in the Canter therefor we dropped to 64%. The next day I had to start in very bad weather with Schatzmann. But our trot tour was super again. Unfortunatly we had lardge mistakes in the canter. That was in contrast to K3 Noir, he was getting better every test and scored just over 67%. Of the 40 starters we were 17th and we were allowed to move on to the Kur. We rode the Kur which was actually figured out for Schatzmann, but we did a wonderfull job! No mistakes and very safe through it. With a score of 68,50% we went in the right direction. We were eventually 10th place. We had a wunderfull time.

Prix St. Georges debut for Schatzmann

Saturday, March 23, I am driven with Boeve's K3 Noir and Schatzmann to Hünxe to start there with both horses in the Prix St. Georges. The test I rode with K3 didn't go very fine, he was very tense so the exercises didn't all go very well. Eventually we had a rate of 62.982%

For Schatzmann this was his debut in the Prix St Georges. He had very fine pieces in the test and showed very good exercises. Unfortunately, he found the jury boxes were very scary, so in the area of near the jury boxes some big mistakes arose. With Schatzmann I had a rate of 62.193%, with a few low points because of the failures but also many eights. I really enjoyed my test and this horse will promise much for the future.

Victory for Boeve's K3 Noir in Gorssel

Sunday, March 10, I started with Boeve's K3 Noir in Gorssel in the Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I. K3 rode to very nice tests, I was very pleased. During the Prix we were awarded second prize with a score of 66.18%. In the Paardenkrant was the reaction of a juror to read, she had been very positive about our test and especially the elegant and pleasant atmosphere had addressed her. The Inter I we won, unfortunately was a juror less to talk about our test since we had a big points difference between the two judges. Therefor the score of 62.89% was a bit dissapointing.

Nice rides during the Dutch Championships

On Friday, March 8, I came at start with Schatzmann at the Dutch Championships ZZ-light in De Meern. We had to be very early on the road since I was the first to start. I really had a fine ride with Schatzmann and with a score of 65.81% I stood for a long time at the first place. Eventually we ended up a tie for fifth place and thus we could also start in the freestyle. In the freestyle, I could drive fine and I was very satisfied. Because of my fine feeling and good comments from the side I found my points were a little disappointing. With a score of 66.5%, we knew to achieve a seventh place in the freestyle. The Dutch Championships, we have concluded with an overall eighth place with 66.16%


Good results in Denekamp and Raalte

Saturday, March 2, I came with Schatzmann and Rocky at the start in Denekamp during the Denekamp Dressage Days. With Schatzmann we knew to gaine a third prize with 63.71%. I am very satisfied with the test that we have ridden. Schatzmann ran fine a test, I had him very sharp at the test. Because of this he just got too hot causing some errors. This test was a very nice exercise for the Dutch Championships which will be helt on Friday, March 8 at De Meern. At the NK we will be the first starter at Nine o'Clock.

With Rocky I knew to gaine a 4th prize with 223 points. Rocky was a very good to ride and you can feel he gets more experience. Rocky will this year, beside the normal tests, also become at start at the Subli Cup.


During Denekamp Dressage Days, there were good results from students. Kim Koops knew with her horse Jimmy (Jazz Rubin)
to win the class L1 with 202 points. therefore they were allowed to start in the finals. In the finals they became second with a percent of 65.83%. Kim will also start Jimmy at the Subli Cup this year. Samantha van der Lof started at the class Z1 and knew to win with Elin's Nonsisdador (v. Norstradamus), they got 229 points.


Sunday, March 3 I started Boeve's K3 Noir in the Prix St. Georges and the Inter I. During the Prix K3 was very excited which caused some errors. For this test, we got a score of 62.30%. During the Inter I knew to get more control on K3, and he ran a very fine test. With a score of 65.53%, we knew to win this test. K3 is still going fine and I notice that there is still a stretch in his going, so that promises something for the future.

In Raalte came in the class ZZ-Zwaar pupil Thessa Bresser to start with Usher (v. Gribaldi). They knew in the first test to gaine a fourth prize with 62.57% and the second test they were able to win with 64%.

Savannah Brandes Regional Champion

During the Regional Championships for ponies, HTC Talent Savannah Brandes became Regional Champion in the class M1-M2 Cat. AB. She rode her B-pony Aragon a M2 test and knew to score 64%. Savannah has hereby been selected for the Dutch Championships held on 9 March  in De Meern. We want  to congratulate Savannah with this great achievement and wish her ​​lots of luck at the Dutch Championships.

Jay again to start in the Netherlands

Recently, Jay returned to the Netherlands to start on competitions and to look for good horses for Taiwan. Jay rode with Never Ending Dream in the classes Z and ZZ. Despite that  he had some bars in the courses, he rides with increasing feeling and expertness through the courses. We are very pleased with the progress he booked.

Article in Ros

in March there will be a nice article about me in the Horse Magazine Ros.


Schatzmann Reserve Champion in the Regional Championships

On Friday, February 1, the Overijssel Indoor Championships were held in Genemuiden. I was there to start with 2 horses. In the class Z1 with Rocky LVD and in the ZZ-licht with Schatzmann. With Schatzmann we knew to become Reserve Champion. In the first test Schatzmann was somewhat distracted by the horses that were stabled in the competition hall. Because of this I could not fully keep his attention and there arose some errors, which resulted in a third place with 62.43%. The second test we knew us take revenge, with a percentage of 67.25% we knew to put the freestyle on our name. The final championship was about the average of both tests, in which we have become Reserve Champion in the class ZZ-licht. With this we also have a ticket for the Dutch Championships obtained. The Dutch Championships will take place on March 8 in De Meern.

Rocky LVD was during the test impressed by the surroundings. Because of this he remained some timid in the test. With a score of 224 and 210 points we achieved the 4th place.

During the Regional Championships were also some pupils very successful. Champion in the class Z1 was Samantha van der Lof with Elin's Nonsisdador, she is also placed for the Dutch Championships. Samantha is training with us by the HTC Talents training. Also in the class Z1 Mariska Meenhuis knew to achieve a 3rd place with Amon. Mariska is first reserve for the Nationals. In the class Z2 Inge Meijer became Reserve Champion with Don Amigo. Also Inge is placed for the Dutch Championships. In the class M2 Ashley Langevoort became Champion with Dontruschels and Susan Stegehuis with Dorsano's Sir Johnson was Reserve Champion. Ashley is also placed here for the NK, Susan is first reserve.

I want to congratulate everyone with the results and wish Samantha, Inge and Ashley very good luck at the Dutch Championships!

Rocky LVD placed for Regional Championships

During the district championships in Saasveld I managed to qualify Rocky LVD for the Regional Championships. It was for Rocky his first test in the class Z1. During the first test I rode a little too cautiouswe scored 205 points and had the 7th place. The second test, however, I drove more daring and we knew to win the test with 216 points. There were a lot of good riders in this competition, but we knew qualify us for the Regional Championships. These Championships are 1 and 2 February in Genemuiden. Then we will also compete with Schatzmann in the class ZZ-licht.

Rocky LVD 2nd in the final of the KNHS Subli championships

On Friday, December 28th we left with Rocky LVD to Ermelo for the final of the KNHS Subli Championship. During the first test, in which I rode slightly conservative, we knew to qualify for the second test with 75.80%. During the second test I was more confident in my riding, so this test we could show more. This resulted in a second place with 79.80%.

Rocky has been showing very fine this season in the KNHS Subli championship. With these tests Rocky has learned a lot and he has got the opportunity to become stronger and stronger. Next year I shall also go to start in the Z1 tests.

Beautiful performances in the Twente Cup by HTC talents

The past few weeks a couple talents of the PAVO HTC participated in the Twente Cup. Kirsten Nieuwenhuis and Danielle Karis got qualified for the finals. Kirsten Nieuwenhuis ended with her ​​horse Christa (v. Sandreo) in the class L1 on the first place in the final ranking. Danielle Karis ended with her ​​pony MVH Kimberly (v. Orchard Red Prince) in the class L2 cat. DE on the 2nd place in the final ranking.

Team Linda Verwaal wishes both combinations good luck in the finals!

In the end result there was also a third prize for Nienke Borkent with her pony Vingino (v. Oklund) in the class M2 cat. DE. During the competition in Wierden  Karlijn Olde Klieverink
achieved a second prize with her pony Cesar in the class L2 cat. C. And during the competition in Denekamp  Janneke Mulder achieved with Diamond Dancer (v. Douwe) a 3rd prize in the class M1 cat. DE

We congratulate all riders with their beautiful results!


Fine test during Twente Cup in Denekamp

During the second show of the Twente Cup in Denekamp we became third with 66%. Schatzmann was very nice to ride, here and there we made a mistake but he is getting better together and therefore we can perform the exercises better.

A few days later we were allowed to ride during the competition of the Shining Star Stables at Indoor Twente. Schatzmann was impressed by the entourage. Because of the tension I couldn't ride Schatzmann together enough, so because of that the image was probably a bit restless and the judges couldn't  give high scores.
Nevertheless it was a great experience and we can use this back in our training to improve.

Succesful starts for Jay

Last two weeks Jay, one of the taiwanese riders that is trained by us, came to the Netherlands to start at two Dutch competitions. At October 21 he came to start with the horse Never Ending Dream at the show jumping competition in Marienheem. For Jay it was the first time he compete in an indoor competition in the Netherlands. In the first round he had no fautls and unfortunatly he had one off in the jump off which led him to the 8th prize.


On October 28 we drove with Jay and Never Ending Dream to the show jumping competition in Raalte. There he came to start in de class Z and ZZ. In the class Z he had one down bit he rode a very nice round. And for the first time of his life he started in the class ZZ, he had a number of faults in this round but his confidence is growing.

First match of the Twente Cup in Wierden

Last Friday, 12 October in Wierden the first match of the Twente Cup for us started. I rode in the Twente Cup with 2 horses. Schatzmann in the ZZ-light and Sir Sinatra in the Z1.

Schatzmann was very nice during the warming up, but in the ring he got lost and we got big mistakes so we could not score.

Sir Sinatra was a very fine to ride. He rode
a test for his second time and already he felt very easily to ride and very sympathetic . In a very large Z1 group with some very good combinations, we were able to achieve a 5th place with 210 points. I am very satisfied with the outcome of this stallion.


Big victory for Rocky LVD during Subli Cup in Assen

Last Saturday 6 October, we drove with Rocky LVD to Assen for the Subli Cup. After we had a lot of rain all week the sun came through nicely and we were already in a good mood on the way to Assen.

Rocky LVD was very nice to ride and with only a lapse in the extended trot the rest of the test was flawless. The test was also highly appreciated by the judges and we knew to win with a score of 75.2%, with this score we were more than 5% above number 2. I was also very pleased with the comments of the jury: Rocky LVD is a very good horse, with three good movements, he has a beautiful self-carriage and is very confirmed in the exercises.

Busy but successful weekend in Haaksbergen

Last weekend, from 14 September to 16 September, the annual competition for the Silver Star at the Sterruiters in Haaksbergen took place again. Every day had to ride one or two horses. For Sir Sinatra and Abigail it was our first time to ride in a competition, both in the class Z1. I was very pleased of both horses, Sir Sinatra was very nice to ride and won in his 2nd test a 2nd prize with 224 points. With Abigail I compete two days and the first day she was very impressed with everything. The second day it was already better and this resulted in a 6th prize with 220 points and a 4th prize with 213 points.

In the class Z2 I came
at the start with Schatzmann, Friday was fantastic and he knew to win both tests with 235 and 229 points. Because of our 1st prize we had also been selected for the finals that took place on Sunday. In the finals, I had to ride a freestyle. Schatzmann showed very nice in the freestyle but unfortunately we had a number of flaws because of which we fell outside of the prices . However, we won the pubic prize, so we still had a nice win for our freestyle.


PAVO HTC Selection Day

Upcoming Monday, September 17 a PAVO HTCselection day will be held at our stables. Between 16.00 and 20.00 there will be 14 young talents to battle for a spot in the talent training that will be given from October.

PAVO HTC focuses on riders with the ambition to reach the top in equestrian. Equestrian talents in the disciplines of dressage, jumping and eventing will be provided
training and guidance by Pavo HTC. Riders between 10 and 21 years can associate with it. Condition for Pavo HTC talent to be that you are learning. Furthermore, you own pony (at least C) or horse. And you're active in driving competitions, from L to ZZ level. During the selection day there will be some riders selected who will be guided by us in the coming months.



A successful Hippiade for Schatzmann

Last Friday, September 7 in Ermelo started in the Dutch championships in basic dressage, the Hippiade. In total there were 48 participants in the klazze Z2 and on Friday we were divided into 2 groups. Of both groups there were 6 participants through to the semi-finals on Saturday. I rode a good first test with Schatzmann. In my group, I knew to achieve a 4th place with a score of 65.69% The next morning the best 12 had to ride the second test and we already had to start at 9.15 am. I rode another nice test and was slightly disappointed about my score of 62.84%, but it turned out that the jury had given reasonably low points . We ended up in 7th place which we had selected for the finals. The best 8 competitors in the finals had a ride a Freestyle and the points of the test that morning counted with the freestyle in the final result. I was exited to ride the Freestyle and Schatz felt good in the warming up. The trot part went well and he stayed nice constant but once in the canter we got some tention errors. The goal was to get a higher placement result in Freestyle, but after that disappointment was over, I must say that I am very pleased with our performance and enjoyed this beautiful game.


Boeve's K3 very well in Almelo

On 2 September I went to Almelo with the gelding Boeve's K3 Noir. We started in the Prix st. Georges and Intermediate I. Boeve's K3 Noir performed well in the Prix st. Georges where he was a nice score of exactly 65%, and we were placed6th. In the Inter I we went a step further and we got 66.58% and second place!

Schatzmann District Champion!

The weekend 17 and 18 August we were in Ambt Delden for the Regional Championships. This was an ideal place for us as it was not more than fifteen minutes away from our stable. I started with Schatzmann in Z2. On Friday, he did a very fine test and we won it with force majeure on average 227 points. On Saturday, he also did a very fine test in which a few flaws appeared, but with an average of 217 we stood in a tie for first place. It was so exciting in the decisive freestyle. He was nice to ride with the warming up, but went in the freestyle  not as I was used from him. Later it turned out that he had lost an iron just before entering the ring . I noticed this especially in the trot section. Luckily we took part in the canter again and thanks to the fine score on my music and choreorafie we could still receve the champion ribbon .

Pupils Top Results

On the Regional Championships, my pupils themselves showed from their best side. So drove Inge Meijer on Friday to a 2nd place in the Z1. Unfortunately she had on Saturday too many errors and could not go trhough to the last test. Susan Stegehuis won on Friday with majeure in her class in M1 and in the same group was Ashley Langevoort 2nd. Also Mariska Meenhuis rode in her first trial M1 with large distance in front which also Marjolein Rattink as 4th placed for the finals on Saturday. I have supported the ladies during their finals on Saturday and it came Mariska Meenhuis as the winner and Marjolein Rattink as second! I enjoyed all 4 combinations because it was a very good running group.

Again super scores for Schatzmann

Last Wednesday, August 8th we went riding at the Snorrewind Riding Centre, it was a nice  organizedevening  competition. Schatzmann starts getting in better shape. The warming up area was nicely sized and quiet so I could prepare a nice way on the 1st test. With 244 points and almost 72% we won the trial. The second test was neat and we put on the winning streak with 235 points. This was a good preparation for the championships Overijssel.

Rocky LVD third in the Subli Cup Zevenaar

Friday, August 3 I have rode Rocky LVD in the Subli Cup in Zevemaar. Unfortunately, our preparation was not too good so Rocky LVD wasn't fine warmed up before the test. Therefor Rocky LVD was very excited in the test and so we made a few faults. Also Rocky LVD responded on the unrest that there was going on next the ring. So all in all everything went not very pleasant. Eventually we won a third price with 70.2%. In the standings, we're on the 2nd place.


Schatzmann District Champion Z2

During the outdoor District Championships in Lattrop I became with Schatzmann outdoor District Champion in the class Z2. Schatzmann went very well and with 227 and 224 points we could receive the Championship sash. We are going to prepare for the Overijssel Championships that will take place on 17 and 18 Augustin Ambt Delden.


Schatzmann gets top marks in the dressage Amarantevenings

We started on the dressage Amarantevenings in Haaksbergen and there I knew to seize again the 1st prize with Schatzmann in the class Z2. With 237 points, we remained just below 70%. Schatzmann there was fine and he is becoming stronger and it's easier to let hem carry himself in the test. After the usual test, we also have a Freestyle. In the freestyle Schatzmann was also very fine. Unfortunately, we took the wrong music CD with us. Recently we had the finale of the freestyle changed, unfortunately we had brought along the old freestyle so unexpectedly I had to improvise the last piece of the Freestyle. This has cost me some points so we eventually ended up on 3rd place.


Schatzmann at start on the Amarant Dressage Evenings and the District Championship in Lattrop

With Schatzmann we will start Thursday, July 26  in Haaksbergen during the Amarant Dressage Evenings. We going to ride a Z2 test and in addition we will also ride our freestyle.

Sunday, July 29 we will start in Lattrop District Championship and we will do a throw to the District Championship and a placement for the Region Championships.



Rocky LVD on top in the standings to the Subli Cup

During the selection round of the Subli Cup in Exloo I knew to get a 2nd place with Rocky with a score of 74.6%. Despite that the previous week Rocky was not really fully fit and seemed to suffer from the cover of the weather, we knew to put down a very fine test. Unfortunately, I gave some points away because the lines in the test weren't the way they wanted to see them. At home were going to work hard on improvement of the test and try to remain our head position in the standings of the Subli Cup.

Great interest in training from Taiwan

This last couple of weeks we have many visitors from Taiwan at our stable. First Jay came to The Netherlands to compete in Rijssen. Jay has done a very good job and went home with a placement in the L. Jay had also taken a groom with him, she stayed another week at our stable to gain more experience. At the moment there are two training clients from Taiwan, one of them will stay here for several weeks. We are very pleased with this interest in Taiwan, the people are very eager to learn and are passionate to get the equestrian sports in Taiwan to a higher level.

Water ballet in Kootwijk

Last Sunday, July 8th, we took 3 horses to the beautiful areas of Kootwijk. First I came to start with Schatzman. Unfortunately it was raining when I drove my test and I was a little afraid it would be too slippery for my big Schatzmann. Fortunately, the area was still good to drive and we got 224 and 233 which was good for second place twice. With a different outfit we went with Rocky for the Sublicup 5 year old dressage horses. Rocky drove a super test and achieved 80.4% and a first place. Unfortunately back in the rain and other clothes on we had to ride once again this time with Boeve's K3 Noir in the Prix St. Georges. It remained dry and K3 showed a very fine flawless test. The score of 62.70% was not enough for a placement but I was very happy with the test and I could ride with him. As the last of my driving tests we had to ride the Inter I. I started the test with K3 but unfortunately we got when a cloudburst. The wind was brisk and with buckets the water came down so I decided to greet off. Despite my wet suits we had a fine day we went happy housewards.

Watch the nice compilation of the show in Taiwan

Here the link of the compilation of the show that we have given in Taiwan .


Good performance during the Brabantse Ruiterdagen

Last weekend I started with Schatzmann at the Hoefslag Dressage Trophy in Oudenbosch. The Hoefslag Dressage Trophy is a Freestyle competition held between the 20 best combinations in the class Z2 of the Netherlands. The first Freestyle I had a superfine ride with Schatzmann. We were placed 3 with 70.25%, unfortunately I had some difference between the two judges namely 68.5% and 72%. The first three riders should come back in the main ring to ride the freestule again for the same jurors. All three starters were very good combinations, the points were very close together. I found it very cool to drive with Schatzmann in the main ring . Schatzmann was more spectacular in the main ring, but unfortunately this also arose in a few flaws. Eventually we finished third with 68.1%.

Boeve's K3 Noir back in the sport after his castration

Last weekend I competed for the first time after his castration with Boeve's K3 Noir in the Small Tour at the subtopwedstijd in Ermelo. I am very pleased with his performance. He is very fine to ride on the competition, but after being a little time out of competing I have been driving al little bit to careful. In the Prix St Georges we got 61.71%and in the Inter I got 62.17%

Schatzmann to start in the dressage Hoefslag Trophy

This weekend I wil be riding Schatzmann in the Hoefslag Dressage Trophy. In this competition the best 20 Z2 combinations in the Netherlands will compete for the title. We are going to ride a Freestyle and the best 3 combinations may come back in the main ring at the Brabantse Ruiterdagen in Oudenbosch.

Jay again at the start in the Netherlands

Next week Jay, one of the Taiwanese riders who we support, will be back to the Netherlands to gain some competition experience. He will start on a competition in Rijssen. We wish him great success and hope that he will have an instructive and successful time here in the Netherlands.

Successful visit to Taiwan

Last week we went a few days to Taiwan. During my visit I trained the horses who recently arrived from the Netherlands. I also gave several lessons to my Taiwanese clients. To conclude my visit there was a show evening. It was the first time that a such a show was held in Taiwan. During this evening I rode 3 horses in dressage and there were also 2 jumping horses to which I also give some guidance. It was a very nice evening and the visitors were very enthusiastic about our performance. On the picture with Aito.

High score for Schatzmann during Almelose Ruiterdagen

Since I'm during the week of the Almelose Ruiterdagen staying in Taiwan, I could only start one time. With Schatzmann I started in the class Z2. Schatzmann did a very fine test and that was much appreciated by the jury. With a rate of 71.2% we knew, with a difference of 8% for second place, to win the test.


Victory Tour with Schatzmann set forth

Last weekend we went to Marienheem with Schatzmann. I rode with him in the class Z2. Also this time we knew to obtain twice the first place. Although the test area was a little bit wave i had a nice drive. The first test I had to ride a little bit more but the second test it all seemed to go almost naturally. I myself was very pleased with the tests. The first juror was also very satisfied with my test and rewarded with 67.6%, the jury of the second test had a completely different picture of my horse and my test. Where I felt I had ridden very nice, he was quite negative about most  points, eventually I got for this test was 61.1% which was still good for a first place. Especially compared to our scores over the last time, these scores were very low. I am very pleased with the progress Schatzmann and I lately make. We still have a small number of tests in the class Z2  then we will make the jump to the class ZZ licht.

Zurona pregnant

We have our keur elite mare Zurona (Negro x Vincent) covered again and recentently she is scanned pregnant. Zurona is covered by the stallion Charmeur (Florencio x Jazz). Charmeur is a dressage horse with a great silhouette, self-carriage and very good gaits. He has a very uniform collection offspring and comes from a rich predicated bloodline, we think he will fit very well with our Zurona also a very rich predicated bloodline.

Boeve's K3 Noir castrated

Recently we had Boeve's K3 Noir castrated so we can focus him completely on the sport. Boeve's K3 Noir feels great again after castration and it seems he has no problems of the castration. We will rebuild him calmly to his level and then we will be back on shows again.

Nice clinic during the HTC day in Ermelo

Last Saturday I and one of my students, Mariska Meenhuis, gave a clinic during the national HTC day in Ermelo . Accompanied by Gera van Lent, I gave a clinic with the Small Tour horse Sylvester (Lancelot) from Inge Meijer and Mariska Meenhuis rode her horse Amon (v. Solitary) which she starts in the class Z1. With great interest of the selected talents of the HTC we showed roughly the buidling of a young horse to the Small Tour. Then the future talents could ride themselfs a test which was judged by me and a couple of other judges. I really enjoyed this day, I think it is very good that nowadays the talents can get this kind of attention to make it possible to the get the sport to a higher level.

Double victory for Schatzmann in Rijssen

At the dressage days in Rijssen we started with Schatzmann in the class Z2. I had a fine ride with Schatzmann, I could ride him very nice closed and he was very well carrying himself in both tests. The judges were very pleased with our tests which resulted in two first places with 67.9% and 69.4%. With this performance we were also qualified for the finals on Saturday afternoon. Saturday we had a busy schedule because I also went to the HTC day in Ermelo. When I arrived in Rijssen Schatzmann was already waiting for me. Unfortunately, Schatzmann had some tension and he didn't show as good he normally could, we got 61.18% and with this percentage we were not placed for a prize.

Some of my students also knew to performe very well the
dressage days at Rijssen. Susan Stegehuis got a first and a second place in the class M1. Mariska Meenhuis achieved a third place in the ZZ-light, a first place in the Z1 and a fourth place in the M1. Nienke Borkent got twice a second place in the M1. And Kirsten Nieuwenhuis got twice a sixth place in the class B with a Christa a horse that was trained by us.

Clinic with Schatzmann on HTC day

Saturday, May 26 I will give a clinic with Schatzmann at the HTC day in Ermelo. The Pavo Talent Equestrian Center [Pavo HTC] focuses on the development and support of young talents in equestrian dressage, jumping and SGW, with the aim of breeding ground for the equestrian sport. On May 26 they organize a national day where all the HTC talents have the opportunity to ride training classes and in the afternoon they can ride a test after which they personally receive comments from the jury. Also during the day there will be some clinics and workshops for the talents.

Good start for Jay in Vriezenveen

Last week Jay, one of the Taiwanese riders who we support, was in the Netherlands again. He went jumping in Vriezenveen and came to start the levels L and M. Of the seven courses he drove, he drove 5 whithout faults. And during the finals he knew to achieve a fourth pace. We are very proud that Jay is doing well on the Dutch competitions and for him it is a good way to gain experience.

Successful start Schatzmann in Wierden

At the competition in Wierden we received a first and second place with Schatzmann in the class Z2. During the first trial we got much tension when Schatzmann remained as the only horse on the ground. This led to some faults and a score of 64.7% was good for second place. The second test was alongside a narrow ditch. Here I could keep the attention of Schatzmann and with a score of 63.8%, we knew to win this test.

Schatzmann keeps winning and also first prize in the Prix St Georges for Boeve's K3 Noir

During the competition in Diepenveen Schatzmann won both of the test in the Z2. I had a super ride with Schatzmann and rode two accurate tests. I really love riding horse because he always gives the best of himself and likes to work for me. Both tests we achieved 68.5% and in the 2nd test we stood 4% above the number two.

With Boeve's K3 Noir we claimed the first price in the Prix St Georges with 64.74%. I could ride him nice to the hand and I got the chance to ride him more stronger. During the Intermediaire I tried to get more out of Boeve's K3 Noir. But unfortunately this resulted in more tention which let into some faults. We got 63.03% for this test but that was to less to be ranked for a prize.

Again double victory for Schatzmann and Rocky LVD second place in Subli cup

Last Tuesday I rode with Schatzmann and Rocky LVD a competition in Schaijk. Schatzmann won both tests in the Z2 with 65% ​​and 65.59%. Although Schatzmann has to become al little bit stronger, he 's doing very fine in de tests. The judges were also very positive about its performance although there are still some small points of attention. Rocky LVD got a shared second place in the Subli cup with 70.6%. LVD Rocky begins to develop fine and starts to get better use of his own body.

Beautiful filly for Babouche

Recently our second foal of this year is born . Our mare Babouche (v. Sydney) had a beautiful filly by Ampère. Babouche surprised us a little bit with the birth of her foal, she did the birth of her first foal on her own. Everything went very well and the foal starts to develop very good and is already swinging in the meadow. We are very pleased with our foals this year and hope to have two promissing horses for the future.

Colt foal to Zurona

Last night our first foal is born. It is a colt of Bretton Woods out of our mare Zurona (Negro x Vincent) . The foal is born tonight at 1 am and within no time he stood and soon he was able to drink by it's mother.. We are very pleased with this beautiful dark foal of Bretton Woods, a winner for the future!

Taiwanese riders visting the Netherlands

Last weeks our friends from taiwan came visiting the Netherlands. They came to the Netherlands to look for new horses and also to gain some experience. I helped them training some of the purchased horses and also one of the riders was able to start on a competition. Jay went to a competition in Albergen where he started with 3 horses. On the last day, he even rode his first Z course, unfortunately he had miscalculated a jump but the rest of the course he didn't receive any faults. Meanwhile they returned to Taiwan to work with the experience there again. And soon there will be a couple of horses to leave Taiwan to be riden for the competitions there.

Double victory for Schatzmann

On the last day in March we had our first outdoor competition for this year. I rode with Schatzmann in Vorden in the class Z2. Despite Schatzmann was quite busy in the warming up we rode a very fine test. Both tests we were able to achieve first place with 68.5% and 65.9%. In both tests, we got very nice comments from the judges who were very satisfied about the tests.

Schatzmann second place in Marienheem

Last weekend we went with Schatzmann to Marienheem. We managed to achieve a 2nd place with 65.23% in the class Z2. In this test we got a lot of 8's, but  unfortunately we also got some lower points due to some failures. Although we still can improve I get more control in the test, so I am very content with the progress that Schatzmann is making. Since the pricing of the Z2 was together with the ZZ-licht we hade to give away the first place to Frank Hosmar with Tiesto who started in the ZZ-liht and got 65.43%.

Clinic Linda and Steven Veldhuis in Haaksbergen

Last summer there was a wonderful competition held in Haaksbergen. The event provides a long weekend dressage pleasure. I could arrange a clinic with jumper Steven Veldhuis. The theme of the clinic, the differences and similarities of training a dressage and showjumper.

On this link you can see some pieces of this clinic;


Zurona in high foal

We can tell you that our mare Zurona this week is calculated and so we look forward to our first foal this year. Zurona is in foal to the stallion Bretton Woods. We also expect this year a foal by thr mare Babouche , she is covered by the stallion Ampère.


Prix ST Georges and Intermediate I in Marienheem with Boeve's K3 Noir



Last weekend we went to Mariënheem with Boeve's K3 Noir. We've been riding two fine tests in Mariënheem. Unfortunately we had some small mistakes in the tests. Particully in the Inter I the mistakes were harshly blamed and the good points less appreciated so the result was a bit dissapointing.



Very nice results for Boeve's K3 Noir in Uden



Last tuesday I went to Uden with Boeve's K3 Noir to ride in the Prix St Georges en Intermediate I. We gained a third place in the Prix ST Georges and a second place in the Intermediate I. Boeves K3 Noir shows he can be very constant in the Prix ST Georges and Intermediate I, we are very glad that he in such short time performes above expectations at this level.

Schatzmann third on Regional Championships

At the Regional Championships in Bathmen Schatzmann received a third place. There was a very strong leading group so there was a lot of competition. Unfortunately I suffered a stomach flu so I wasn't totally myself in the riding. But I was very pleased with Schatzmann who showed very fine test and freestyle. So we can look back at a very nice result. Sadly only the first 2 riders will go to the Dutch Championships, so the Championships will end here for us.


My student Inge Meijer gained the Championshipstitle in the Z1. We congratulate her with this fine result and wish her all the luck at the Dutch Championships.

Double victory with K3 Boeve's Noir in the Prix ST-Georges and Intermediate I

Last weekend we gained double victory in Assen with Boeve's K3 Noir in the Prix ST-Georges and Intermediate I. The first test we won with 65,46%. I only had the feeling that there could be more activity in this test, so I rode the second test with more action. This was appreciated by the judges and rewarded with 67,70% which was 3% higher than the rider on the second place.

Schatzmann wins District Championship

At the District Championship in Saasveld Schatzmann became District Champion Z2. We had to ride 2 tests to recieve the championships. Unfortunatly the conditions of this championship were not very good. The ground was to hard and there was a lot of disurbance because of the reparation of a pump system in the riding arena. Because of the  disterbance we got tension in te first test, however the results weren't dissapointing. The second test we recovered and we rode a very satisfied test which got rewarded with 70% and let us to the title of District Champion.

After becoming District Champion were going to train for the Regional Championships that wil take place on 3 and 4 February in Bathmen.

Rocky LVD to the finals of the Subli Cup



At the finals fo the Subli Cup 4 years old dressagehorses Rocky LVD gained a shared 7th place. We're very proud with this result of this young and still growing stallion who showed a very steady test. By this result he shows that he fits well in the top of the 4 years old dressage horses. We ourselves have a lot of faith in this young stallion and we hope to let you hear more about him in the future.





Interview Hippisch Oost Nederland

In this weeks edition of the Dutch magazine Hippisch Oost Nederland I had a three page interview. It was all about training and working with horses to higher level of dressage. There were some nice pictures of me and our 4 year old Rocky and Boeve's K3. I was very happy to see that we are on the cover!

Very good results on Twente Cup

This year we've again been striding on the competition for the Twente Cup. With Schatzmann we were placed second in the semi-finals for the Z2. Next day we were allowed to ride the finals. In the well placed finals were especially in the lowers levels there were some very well young horses. We were very pleased with our 6th place in the finals.

Also some students got good results in the Twente Cup competition. In de finals there was a second place for Mariska Meenhuis with Amon (M1) and a third place for Inge Meijer with Don Amigo (Z1)


Show Kootwijk and Almelo in one weekend

We had a very busy weekend the weekend of the 2th and 3rd July. On the 2th of Juli we drove to the town Kootwijk. We had three horses with us to compeet. Boeve's K3 Noir had his début in the Prix St. Georges. He did a nice job for his first time. We were 5th place with more then 61%. I rode Vancouver in the class ZZ light and he did a really nice job. We became 2th and 3rd with more than 64% and more tham 62%. After these two horses I rode my 4 year old stallion Rocky in the Subli Cup for 4 year old horses. He was very nice to ride for only his 3rd time in a big arena! we had the 3rd price with 74%. 

The next day we drove to Almelo for the second time Prix St. Georges with Boeve's K3 Noir. The test was already slightly better as the one in Kootwijk so I was very pleased with him. We won the 5th price and had more than 62%.

Dutch Championship ticket for K3 Noir

During the last two months Boeve's K3 Noir and me had selections for the Dutch Championship. We had to ride three shows, Almelo, Uden and Ermelo. Every show we did very well and even got a first place in Uden. It was a very busy group competing for the National Championship, around 80 starters in de class ZZ Zwaar. In the end we got 50 points and a 8/9 th place. 20 competitors are going to the Dutch Championship in The Steeg in June and we are one of them. I am very proud of my stallion Boeve's K3 Noir, he just started this class and doing so well already.

The Asian Games

My Taiwanese pupil Alex had invited me to go to China to prepare him for the Asian Games. Sunday, November 14 was the day of my first Asian Games.
Unfortunately, for our team is didn't go as well as we hoped.
Because it was very difficult for us to import horses from Taiwan to China, We had to borrow two horses from China.

Alex had a black stallion that could move normally.
Unfortunately, the combination was still to green to be able to score enough during the test.
It was a very good time with very nice weather.

In the picture Lee, Alex, Katja Sherry and I at a dinner.
The other picture was at the opening of The Asian Games in Guanzhou

Twente Cup title for Phoenix

Last Friday we had the last test of the selections for the Twente Cup. With the horses Schatzmann I was 1st place at the ranking for the Z2 level and with Phoenix I was also at 1st plaxe for the Z1 level.

Unfortunately Schatzmann hurt himself the day befor the last show, so he was out of the competition. It was sad for me that I couldn't compete with Schatzmann but I was happy my student Mariska Meenhuis who now won that class.

Phoenix did very well. She became 3rth place at the last selection show but got 1st place overall. So we won the Twente Cup for the Z1. My students Inge meijer (M2) and Kim Koops (L1) also won their class.

Schatzman won the regio championships

We left Friday 20th of August to Wanneperveen for the regio championships.

It went very well, we had two rings and I won with Phoenix v. Polytraum in ring 1 and with Schatzmann v. Sandro Hit in ring 2.

Saturday we went with both horses for the finals. I was Champion with Schatzmann and runner up with Phoenix. It was a very succesful weekend. Off to the Dutch Championship.

A good week in Almelo

In the third week of June we had a whole week show in my home town Almelo. I went there with my stallion Schatzmann. He is a 6 year old son of Sandro Hit. I performed in the level Z1. In the same class I started the mare Phoenix. She only performed 4 times but she did really well. In the class ZZ licht Boeve's K3 Noir did a very good job. My student Inge Kemper won this test.



Linda Verwaal


1e prijs






Linda Verwaal


3e prijs





Linda Verwaal


1e prijs





Linda Verwaal


4e prijs





Linda Verwaal


3e prijs






Linda Verwaal


2e prijs





Linda Verwaal  


1e prijs








Inge Kemper


1e prijs





Linda Verwaal 

Boeve's K3 Noir






Linda Verwaal

Boeve's K3 Noir






Two pupils to Wanroy

Two of my pupils have made it to the Dutch Championship in Wanroy

Anouck Nuyen became Regional Champion with her pony Present in the Z1 level, and Inge Kemper became second in the Z2 level with her horse Voila (v. Lancet). Both ladies will ride in the Dutch Championship in Wanroy.

Reserve Title Z2 Districtchampionship Boeve's K3 Noir

De District Championships in Lonneker went very well for the dressageteam Linda Verwaal.

Inge Kemper scored with her KWPN mare, Voila more than 71% and became champion. The beautiful reserve champion with the great score of 70% was for me with the stallion Boeve's K3 Noir. It was for us only the second time in this class, but he went as he did all his life. I was very proud of my student Inge and also of my stallion K3. Now we have to prepaire for the Regio Championships.

This picture is made directly after the show in a photostudio from Raquel Ottens. It is called PhotoFeening. It is still a test and there is more to come.


Inge Kemper ticket to Expo








My pupil Inge kemper, who just made the step to the Z2 level of dressage, has won her ticket to the Kür during the big show Expo On Horse In Hengelo.

She and her mare Voila v. Lancet has made a big progress the last year. She has just started in the Z2 level and already won a lot of shows.

On the picture Inge with Voila and in the background me with Diablo

Good show for Boeve's K3 Noir

Linda and Boeve's K3 Noir won this weekeind during the Twente Cup show with more than 67%

The black dressage stallion K3 has very quickly risen to  Z level and seems to pick up everything very easy.

The combination has been very successful but will very soon start in Z2 .

The stallion has a very athletic and cooperative nature , is very pleasant to handle and has

great charisma.

Taiwanese Games








Linda just turned back from a two weeks clinic in Taiwan. She was invited by Henry Chiang. He is a jumping rider who also competes Dressage in Prix St. Georges level. The purpose of Linda's stay in Taiwan were the Taiwanese Games.      

The people who were competing and supported were Jason, Alex, Jay, and Henry.

The team achieved their goal of team gold in Dressage, individual gold and silver in dressage. Team gold in jumping and individual gold and silver in jumping. It was a great experience to have been in Taiwan, get to know the people and their culture and ofcourse to win all those medalls!

Show Taiwan

Henry with Fauchion




Annemiek Jeroen and me during the Games





The winning team Dressage and Jumping

Jakari II mag weer naar het NK voor zijn laatste Lichte Tour optreden

Na de blessure van linda  zijn zij en Jakari II al weer zeer succesvol geweest. Zo hebben ze de selectie wedstrijden in Harich Emmeloord en Raalte verreden. In Harich werden ze beloond met een tweede plaats, in Emmeloord was Jakari iets gespannen waardoor er wat fouten ontstonden en behaalden ze een achtste plaats. De laatste wedstrijd in Raalte werd winnend afgesloten. Op 2 en 3 maart zijn de Nederlandse Kampioenschappen waar ze zulen strijden om de titel.

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