Linda Verwaal Dressage gives u the possibility to put your horse in training and participate in shows. Depending on its nature, character, and previous training status, an individual training programme is drawn up for each horse. Horses from Linda Verwaal compete all the way to Grand Prix sports and convincingly display rideability, flexibility, expressiveness and willingness to perform. We also sell horses from clients. So if you own a high-quality dressage horse and are interested in selling it, please contact Linda Verwaal. We offer an outright purchase or undertake to market it on a comission basis.

Show Horses of Linda Verwaal;

  • Gregor ZZ licht, sold to Amerika
  • Duko Prix st. Georges and sold to Amerika
  • Leon Lichte Tour, unfortunatly died
  • Lincoln (Insperation) ready for de Grand Prix and sold to Amerika
  • Westenwind Grand Prix and sold to Amerika
  • Pamina in a very short time from Z2 to Lichte Tour sold in Holland
  • The gelden Raphael Havel x Havidoff Prix st. Georges sold to Taiwan
  • Vancouver ZZl and sold to China
  • Boeve’s K3 Noir. International Small Tour and sold in Holland
  • Rocky LVD. International Small Tour and sold to a junior in Germany
  • Schatzmann International Small Tour, national Grand Prix and sold to Amerika

Horses we have in training at the moment:

  • Jakari II. International Small Tour and training for Grand Prix
  • Effect Rithm, national Small Tour
  • Adventure, national Small Tour
  • Incredible, Joung horse competitions for 5 year old
  • James Bond, Young horse competitions for 4 year old

We gladly help also with individual requests. Simply give us a call and ask for further options. The generous and exclusive equipment available at Linda Verwaal Dressage offers riders and horses alike optimum training conditions and outstanding levels of care.

Rocky LVD

Jakari II

Rocky LVD