Sold: Very Nice Schoolmaster

Beautiful 15 year old brunette dressage gelding Flemmingh x Sultan. This beautifully rugged built gelding has three very good gaits and is fine on the aids.

Besides that he is a real eye-catcher, it is also a fine riding horse, which also gives the rider a good feeling more insecure. Southwind would be very suitable as a schoolmaster.

Southwind mastered the exercises from the class M and has begun the exercises from S as a novice flying change.

The horse measures approximately 1.70 m addition Southwind free of defects.

Southwind we offer inexpensive to!

Southwind is sold in The Netherlands.

Sold: Very talented black gelding

The 10 -year-old gelding very appealing Boeve's K3 Noir is a descent of K2 x Schwalbe Herbst . Black temperamental gelding is currently very successful start in the Small Tour . He's flown ZZ light and allowed for "ZZ zwaar" to the Dutch championships . It is a gelding with a lot of competition experience . In the training , we are working on taking office , and he jumps now several bills to pass . Boeve 's K3 Noir has a lot of flexibility and appearance , he also has a very sporty and cooperative character and is a pleasure to deal with.

Boeve's K3 Noir has a very nice bloodline . His father , the very moving K2 , known in Germany as an honest , hardworking and good breeding stallion .

Boeve 's K3 Noir is a great horse for someone who wants to direct in the sport.

Boeve 's K3 Noir was approved by the include Brandenburg pedigree . His offspring have very good basic gaits , suppleness , noble heads and lots of charisma . In order to improve workability in sport has recently decided to castrate . Boeve's K3 Noir

Boeve 's K3 Noir has remained with a youngrider in the Netherlands.

Sold: 8 year old dressage mare

Pretty eight year old dressage mare, suitable for any rider and for dressage but also jumping.

Babaloeska is a rank easy to ride horse.

Babaloeska is somewhat  "green" horse who deserves a nice, quiet rider.

With her ​​striking movement, and spectacular backhand an absolute eye-catcher!

This sweet mare we offer in the normal range.

Sold in the Netherlands

Sold: 11 year old Flemmingh mare

Very nice 11 year old mare with a very nice character. Z2 level dressage.

Easy to ride.

This horse is sold to a amazon for Dutch Para Equestrian Dressage

Sold: Very nice, Young mare

Mare with very willing character. 1.74 m Is released on several young horse events. Striking movement. father Westpoint mother Contender.

Talented sport horse for the future.

Sold to: Netherlands

Sold: very nice and talented horse.

Sold to Taiwan, this very talented horse successful in the Prix st Georges in the Netherlands. Unicum is an offspring of the stallion Jazz.

Sold to Taiwan

Sold: Very nice young star

Very beautiful appearance, this expressive Z1 gelding. Makes beautiful flying changes. Suitable for almost every rider.

Sold: Netherlands

Sold: 6 Year old Sir Donnerhall

This beautiful six-year-old chestnut stallion is a descendant of Sir Donnerhal x Painter's Row xx. The stallion measures 1.70 meters.

Bred from a family with a lot of wonderfull horses up to the highest level. Great character.

Sold to Hungary.

Sold: Nice Sandreo mare

This chic and talented 4 year old mare by the stallion Sandreo x Democraat. She has wonderfull gaits and is nice forward. The mare has a height of 1.68 meters. She is a mare with great looks and a good attitude. The mare is always willing to work, learns easily and is very easy to handle. This horse is because of her work ethic and fairness also great for an amateur or young rider.

She is sold to an talented amazon near our stable.

Sold: Dressage Schoolmaster

This very nice big gelding v. Rossini runs Z2 dressage. He has much front and appearance. It is a very sweet horse. His size is 1.78 meters. This gelding is 10 years. He has several Z2 tests on his name. He does flying changes easy and has very nice Half passes. He also has a lot of talent in the pirouettes. He can go out riding the forest and is also very sweet during competition. This gelding is in a normal price range.

This horse is sold to Belgium

Sold: Very well talented 9 years old Houston

This pretty 9 year old gelding Houston is currently slightly released in the ZZ and has more to offer. His size is around 1.75 meters. He jumps and makes a series of beautiful pirouettes. He's just started a number of times in the ZZ light and was very successful. It is a willingness to work horse and show themselves beautiful. He has three very good gaits. This is the ideal horse for someone who wants in dressage.

This horse has been sold to China

Sold: Grand Prix trained Jazz x Willem as I

This 16-year old dark brown Jazz x Willem As I is Grand Prix trained and after a training period at our stable and sold to Taiwan. He is now very succesfull started bij Jay Hung Yu in the Small Tour.

Sold to Taiwan.

Sold: Very promissing Montender daughter

This fantastic show jumping mare comes out of a super blood line with the well known stallion Montender as father. The horse is very nice to work with and has a powerfull jump. She has even a nice character.

Sold to Taiwan

Sold: 7 year old gelding

This beautiful 7 year old brown gelding has potential for higher level dressage. At the moment he competes at Z1 level but already does flying changes. The horse has a very nice mentality to work with. This horse is 1.78 m.

This horse is sold to Taiwan

Sold: 12 years old Havel Gelding

This beautiful gray gelding is Prix st George level.

It is a Havel x Havidoff gelding with a height of 1.76 meters.

When he was 3 years old he was in  the 2nd round of the KWPN stallion approval. It's a very talented horse.

Sold to Taiwan

Sold: 4 year old allround mare

This 4 year old dark brown mare has a pedigree to savor. As father Quasimodo van de Meulendreef and behind mother Contender x Landgraaf, you would say that this young mare has a fantastic future jump career to go. But also this mare can move very fine and we offer her as an allrounder.

This mare can also be ridden outside. She has a very good character. It's size approximately 1.70 m. She has been clinically tested and X rayed. Because she has a small deviation, we sell her for a decent price.


Sold to The Netherlands.

Sold: 11 years old schoolmaster

This 11 year old chesnut stallion from Le Tot De Semilly has the potential to jump 1.40 m competitions. He is a very good schoolmaster that has no fear.

We have this horse in training at our stable and our client Jay Hung Yu is riding competitions with this stallion.

Sold to Taiwan

Sold: Very nice 4 year old show jumping pony

This 4 year old gelding pony is in the course a very outstanding animal. He is very willing and very easy to ride. Also in the course he is very easy to ride. This pony will be a promise for the future.


Sold to Taiwan

Sold: Attractive 6-year old gelding

This 6 year old gelding bij Sydney x Ahoy is very succesfull in the "M1" dressage, also very promissing jumper. Last summer he achieved the second place on the Regional Dressage Championships in the class "M". It's an attractive horse with three very good gaits.

Sold to Taiwan

Sold: 6 Year old Indoctro mare

This dark brown mare ha a pedigree of the stallion Indoctro from a mare out of Cantus. She has a height of 1.60 m and is very easy to ride. The mare has a big heart and gives its rider a lot of confidence.

Sold: 5 Year old Vaillant Gelding

Beautiful 5 year old chestnut gelding has the pedigree Vaillant x Obrecht. This horse is a very nice jumper with great balance and good technique. He also has a very good character and would like to work for his rider.

This Gelding is sold to Taiwan

Sold: 9-year old Gribaldi gelding

This beautiful 9-year old bay gelding is a lineage of Gribaldi x Amulet. This horse is a 3 year old X rated and approved. This horse has a height of 1.80 meters. It is very easy to ride and is M2-Z1 trained. He is fine light in the mouth and is a nice horse to work.. A half brother of this horse, Pandour (Recruut x Amulet), is ridden bij Patrik Kittel in the Grand Prix.

Sold to a Dutch Voltige Team.

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